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At JASSIM LAW, we believe making an investment in sound legal advice early on is the surest way to avoid costly litigation down the road. The truth is, often times litigation is not the most efficient or economical way to resolve a business dispute. That being said, litigation can also be unavoidable to protect your business interests. We are experienced, skilled, and ready to represent you or your business in any scenario.

Attorney Pajman Jassim has helped numerous companies big and small — across a variety of sectors — to grow and flourish, from inception to thriving business. His performance and results have led our business clients to say Pajman is an "excellent business law attorney...relentless when it comes to representing business needs" and, "the most honest and hardworking attorney in San Diego."

A Successful Track Record
We have garnered numerous legal accomplishments for a variety of clients — from sole proprietors and partnerships, to larger companies with hundreds of employees. Our clients include construction, escrow and real estate companies; boutiques, salons and jewelers; landlords and commercial property owners, and many more. We've successfully helped them with real estate transactions, lease agreements, lender and banking disputes, trademark infringements, employee disputes, and general breach-of-contact matters, just to name a few. Our firm will aggressively represent and defend your business as if it were our own. When it comes to simple or complex contracts, we can help you negotiate the most favorable terms, and protect your against the unforeseeable possibilities so you can focus on what matters to you: your business.

Remember, making an investment in sound legal advice upfront is the surest way to avoid costly legal woes down the road. In today's complex world of laws, taxes, regulations, and requirements for businesses, let JASSIM LAW be your guide. Contact us 24/7 at (619) 630-2680 to discuss your company's needs confidentially. With our background, experience and proven track record, we are confident that we can assist you.

Civil and Business Litigation
We have successfully litigated every type of case we handle. This means we have the experience, skills, and knowledge to handle various business and civil litigation matters. We know that each case presents with its own background, facts, and legal issues and we are prepared to litigate every case through trial. We strive to make our fees and the costs of litigation affordable to our clients, with an understanding that no one wishes to be involved in litigation. Our experience allows us to be highly aggressive, yet cost effective if litigation is required. When it comes to business and civil matters, we represent individuals, small businesses, large businesses and other organizations, and often our adversaries are large and well funded. We've successfully represented our clients against companies such as the world's biggest bank, State and Local governments, and the United States.

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