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Legal Commentaries

Life can change in an instant. One moment, you’re going about your day, and the next, you find yourself caught in the chaotic aftermath of an accident. The physical and emotional toll can be overwhelming, but what if the injuries you’ve sustained go beyond the

Riding a motorcycle down California’s sun-kissed roadways offers riders a unique blend of thrill and beautiful scenery. However, this adventure doesn’t come without risks. After an accident, many victims are left unsure of their next steps. However, the

We love dogs and are dog owners ourselves! But remember that dogs are animals and ultimately the dog owner is responsible for their animals and complying with the laws that are designed to protect the public AND protect our dogs. Dog attacks and dog bites are

Dog attacks are not only physically painful but emotionally traumatizing experiences that can leave lasting scars and, in some cases, lead to fatality. If you or someone you care about was attacked by a dog in California, knowing what to do next is paramount for

School should be a place for your child to learn and grow. More than that, children have a right under the California Constitution to a safe, and peaceful learning environment.  However, children face many risks at school, including playground injuries, school

When you're struggling with persistent neck pain after a car accident, navigating the aftermath of insurance claims and medical jargon can feel overwhelming. Because your health and livelihood are at stake, you need an ally who can handle the legal process on your

In August 2023, our client was riding an e-bike home from work when a pickup truck made a right turn into a driveway, cutting into the bike path our client was riding in. Our client collided with the truck and, as a result, suffered various injuries. We were

Injuries from a car accident can have a long-term impact on your life, especially concussions, which are in fact brain injuries.  Even if you seek treatment for the concussion right away, you may still get recurring headaches that make it challenging to focus

Even a seemingly minor car crash caused by another person’s negligence can result in a serious injury. Leaving the scene of a car accident should always be accompanied by a trip to the doctor’s if you are feeling any symptoms. Even if you are not in extreme