Should I Install a Dashcam in my Vehicle? Video Footage Plays a Significant Role in Accident and Personal Injury Claims

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A pivotal aspect of the personal injury claims process is collecting information to use as evidence in proving (or disproving) who is at fault for causing an accident. Commonly, this process will see your attorney collecting eyewitness testimony and other forms of relevant data. When your car has a dashcam or GoPro attached to it, this process is streamlined. 

Practically every accident involves some aspect of conflicting testimony evidence, i.e., a “he said she said” situation. Video footage is often indisputable proof of how an accident occurred. Believe it or not, even with video sometimes liability is disputed or challenged, but in front of a jury there’s no doubt that video is compelling. 

Today, most commercial vehicles, such as tractor-trailers and 18 wheelers, come equipped with video cameras facing both the front of the tractor, and the interior where the driver sits. Why? So that companies that hire drivers can monitor their drivers’ safety and driving. 

A dashcam or GoPro in your own vehicle can significantly influence the outcome of a personal injury case, particularly in instances involving traffic accidents. These devices provide real-time, unbiased visual and audio evidence, capturing the moments before, during, and after an incident. 

If you have been involved in a motor vehicle accident due to the negligence or carelessness of another driver or party, you must partner with an experienced personal injury lawyer to prosecute your claim for damages today. 

How Can a Dashcam or GoPro Affect My Personal Injury Case?

Dashcam or GoPro footage can be pivotal in establishing the facts of the case, as it offers a clear and objective perspective that is not influenced by the often unreliable and subjective nature of human memory (or false statements). 

Certain cars, like Teslas, today come standard with video surveillance video capturing many angles. This video is often saved in a thumb drive in the glove box, however, audio is not usually captured. Still, the video footage is the critical aspect of evidence. If you were driving a Tesla, in an accident with a Tesla, or someone in a Tesla was nearby the collision your personal injury attorney must work fast to preserve that evidence!

In cases where the fault is disputed or the insurance company attempts to shift the blame, video evidence from a dashcam or GoPro can be instrumental in determining liability. It can demonstrate the drivers’ behaviors, road conditions, traffic signals/lights, and the impact of the collision. This can help in accurately reconstructing the event, thus aiding in the ultimate determination of fault.

Other video to preserve these days is video footage captured by surveillance cameras on nearby and surrounding businesses and homes. 

Again, today almost every business, commercial property, and private residence has Nest, Ring (or similar) cameras facing their driveways and properties. When a crash happens, your personal injury lawyer needs to work fast to locate and preserve video surveillance that may have captured the collision. Businesses and residences do not typically keep video for long periods of time and these video systems overwrite or delete video after a short period of time. 

Moreover, the presence of visual evidence from a dashcam or GoPro can expedite the legal process by providing concrete proof that may lead to quicker settlements. Insurance companies, often skeptical of claims and eager to minimize payouts, are more likely to offer a fair settlement (or at least properly evaluate liability) when presented with irrefutable video evidence. This can reduce the need for prolonged legal battles on liability issues and help the injured party receive compensation quicker.

Partnering With a Personal Injury Lawyer

Pajman Jassim of Jassim Law is an aggressive, experienced, and skilled personal injury attorney with a thorough understanding of California’s laws. When you work with our firm, you can trust you are in good hands. We are prepared to handle all aspects of your case with the efficiency and dedication necessary to obtain the full and fair justice that you are entitled to. While you focusing on recovering, we provide:

  • Personalized and full service with access to the actual lead personal injury lawyer on your case
  • Thorough investigation into your case with expert resources
  • The gathering and preserving of evidence of the other party’s fault and your damages
  • Negotiations and litigation against the at-fault party’s insurance company as well as your own insurance
  • Assisting you in gaining access to quality medical care, quickly, and without unnecessary red tape and bureaucracy of the health insurance process.
  • Calculations of the appropriate and fair monetary compensation, including future expenses, you are entitled to
  • Protection from an award-winning California lawyer

We live up to our motto: “Insurance companies protect their money, we protect you.”

With a thorough understanding of how a personal injury affects the victim’s life, and their family’s, we are prepared to help you and the facts unique to your case in any way possible. 

We can help take your dashcam or GoPro footage, as well as any other surveillance, and utilize it as a tool in our mission to secure the monetary justice you are entitled to. 

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Securing expert legal representation throughout the complexities of a car accident case is invaluable. Navigating this journey without a skilled personal injury attorney can jeopardize your rightful compensation and legal rights. At Jassim Law, we recognize the obstacles you encounter and are committed to zealously advocating for your cause, aided by your dashcam or GoPro footage. With over two decades of practice, Attorney Pajman Jassim boasts an impressive history of securing substantial settlements for our clients, amounting to millions in damages.

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