What to Look for in a Personal Injury Lawyer

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A personal injury can occur anywhere, anytime, and turn your life upside down. To recover from the injuries, the medical expenses, and lost income you might suffer, you may pursue legal action against the responsible party and recover compensation for your losses. However, navigating the complexities of a personal injury claim comes with various challenges. If you want to get the most out of your claim, in other words if you want full justice for what has been taken from you,  you will want to hire an experienced personal injury lawyer with a track record of success. 

Just as every accident and injury is unique, the same is true for lawyers. Not every lawyer will provide the same type and level of representation. Not every lawyer has the skill, experience, and resources to go toe to toe with multi-billion dollar insurance companies to get you full justice. Billboard and TV lawyers have entertaining catchphrases and advertisements, but do they offer the personalized attention you deserve? Do they assist you in getting the best possible medical care, and navigate the health and medical system? Or, do they want to settle your case quickly and cheaply so they can move on to the next case, putting their profits ahead of you? We do not work on volume, we work for you. 

What to Look for in a California Personal Injury Lawyer

Choosing the right lawyer may feel like an uphill battle. The process of a personal injury action is complex, and you will rightfully have a lot of questions. We understand that you have been thrust into a complex and adversarial system, and it is our job to allow you to focus on recovering from your injury, while we focus on your case. 

As you face the challenges of a personal injury claim, keep in mind the following factors when choosing your lawyer:

Experience and Skill

A lawyer without experience in litigation and trial will not have the skills, resources, and knowledge to provide you with the full extent of your compensation. Many attorneys try to settle your case quickly, without pursuing litigation and trial. This is because the personal injury attorney does not want to, or does not have, the resources to go all the way for you. Settlements are great, but they must be for the fair and full amount considering the harm you’ve suffered. 

If you’re going up against corporate risk management professionals and professional career insurance adjusters, you will want to ensure your lawyer has the experience and background necessary to fully advocate for your interests.

Track Record of Success and References

Before you agree to work with a lawyer, ask about their track record of success. If your lawyer doesn’t know what it takes to obtain 6, 7 and 8-figure settlements, they may not be the best fit for your case. An experienced injury lawyer will have references and positive results from past clients that you may review before making your final decision. If they cannot provide you with those references, you may want to find a different lawyer.

Personalized Attention from Your Lawyer

We’ve all seen corny lawyers with catchy slogans and personas on television and highway billboards. For personal injury lawyers, having more clients does not always suggest a higher quality of legal representation. 

You will want to make sure your lawyer’s business is not modeled on quantity over quality. Jassim Law dedicates 100% of our time to our clients, and we NEVER put our profits before our clients. You want the lawyer that you hire to be an excellent attorney, that has the respect of their peers, opponents, insurance companies, judges, and ultimately a jury. You want to be able to reach your lawyer, and communicate with them about your unique needs. You may have issues getting medical care, or quality medical care, and your lawyer should be able to help you navigate the maze of our healthcare and legal systems. 


If a lawyer is not fully dedicated to your case, you may have trouble getting information, answers, and even a simple call from your lawyer. You may be assigned to a paralegal or junior attorney that does not have the skill and experience to help you, and is not the person you hired in the first place. 

Suffering a debilitating injury and navigating the legal and medical process is already challenging enough, but adding an unresponsive lawyer may risk losing the justice you deserve. It is an honor, a privilege, and a great responsibility to represent people who have been hurt and need help. Your lawyer should hold at their core the belief that they are your voice and advocate.

Resources to Handle Your Case

Injury lawyers work on a contingency fee basis and won’t collect their legal fees unless and until after you receive compensation. Your lawyer should not only work on a contingency fee basis, but they should also advance the costs associated with prosecuting your case. 

If your lawyer does not have the financial ability to advance litigation and trial costs, which often exceed $100,000, they may not have the ability or financial resources to represent you against multi-billion dollar insurance companies. If your lawyer does not have the financial resources to not only work on a contingency fee basis, but also advance the litigation expenses, and for litigation to conclude, you could be at a financial disadvantage. You have the right to a fair fight – that means an even financial playing field. 

When going up against multi-billion dollar  insurance companies, with thousands of employees trained in how to protect insurance company money from your rightful claim, you will want to make sure your legal representation is not intimidated, underfunded, or unprepared. Speak with Jassim Law about how they may offer you the best possible legal representation.

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