Client Case: E-Bike and Pickup Truck Collision

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In August 2023, our client was riding an e-bike home from work when a pickup truck made a right turn into a driveway, cutting into the bike path our client was riding in. Our client collided with the truck and, as a result, suffered various injuries.

We were able to secure a policy limits settlement for our client within six months of the collision. Liability was disputed, but the insurance company ultimately did the right thing and paid policy limits. Many times, insurance companies take frivolous positions; in this case, they acknowledged the wrong without even requiring the defendant’s deposition because we were able to secure surveillance and police body cam footage to establish how the crash occurred. The result is less litigation expenses and more money for the client.

Many attorneys publish verdicts and settlements. However, the context of the result is important. Even a substantial verdict could be effectively be a loss or a settlement that is lower than it should be for the client is a loss for the client – even if it is a big six or seven figure number. Sometimes a lawyer publishes a large verdict that is never collected or lost on appeal. This can be misleading.

In this case, we obtained the maximum amount of money available through two separate insurance policies for our client. We believe this case was worth even more; however, we were limited by the insurance available. Ultimately, our client will receive significantly more than $2,250,000, even after fees through structured annuities for life.

The fact is, each case result is about what is best for the client and whether the lawyer obtained the best possible result FOR THE CLIENT, whether it is a verdict or settlement. This is why we are taking the time to provide context when publicizing a case result.

We applaud all our attorney colleagues for all their verdicts and settlements, whether big, small, or something in between, as long as it is the best result for their particular client and case.