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Unfortunately, the relationship between an employee and an employer is often an unequal one. Most employees depend on their jobs to pay their life expenses and support themselves and loved ones. California law, as well as the law in United States, has numerous laws and regulations in place designed to equalize the employee and employer relationship, and to ensure that employees are treated fairly. We protect the rights of employees.

Wage and hour laws protect the right to fair compensation, overtime pay, and meal and rest periods. These laws also ensure that employees are properly classified to receive an hourly wage or a salary, along with various other benefits afforded under the law.

Throughout the United States and in California numerous laws and regulations protect employees from discrimination based on race, gender, pregnancy, religion, sexual orientation and other protected classes. Often discrimination is not obvious, and employers take adverse employment actions while scrutinizing any possible excuse to terminate an employee. Each individual case must be reviewed and analyzed on its particular facts and circumstances. While certain terminations may be unfair, they may not necessarily be against the law. On the other hand, other terminations may appear justified, but are truly illegal. You should contact an employment lawyer if you suspect that your employer has violated your rights. An experience employment attorney can review your case with you and help determine whether you have a claim, and what steps need to be take to protect your rights. We never charge for consultations, and we do not charge a fee unless we can recover for you.
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Employees are also entitled to safe and hazard-free working environments, and are protected by law against harassment of any kind. Regulations known as whistleblower laws also protect workers who complain about unsafe working conditions, discrimination, harassment, or other protected activities from being fired, demoted or disciplined by their employers.

What is workplace harassment? Workplace harassment consists of any type of verbal or physical offensive behavior directed toward a person because of their sex, religion, race, national origin or disability. Comments or jokes, displays of offensive drawings or emails, leering, and

engaging in unwelcome touching, ogling or fondling are all examples of prohibited harassment. Harassment can include inappropriate and unwelcome references to a person’s gender, sexual orientation, political beliefs, religion, disability or national origin. Despite these laws being in place, violations still occur frequently.

In California, protesting and making complaints about violations of employment laws are also protected. This means that your employer cannot terminate your employment, or take any other adverse employment action (such as a demotion or wage reduction) against you, if you complain or protest the violation of any labor law — whether you are the victim of the violation or not.

JASSIM LAW handles all types of employment matters, usually on a contingency fee basis. In most cases you are not required to pay any fees upfront unless and until we recover money for the harms and losses you’ve suffered, either at settlement or after trial. In California, employees who prevail in a lawsuit against their employers are also entitled to recover attorneys’ fees and costs.

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