Distracted Driving – Just Don’t Do It!

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Distracted driving is one of the most common types of crashes that we see in our practice. The consequences are devastating. These days, vehicles are loaded with “infotainment” systems that give drivers the news, weather, texts, emails, etc. and drivers have their smartphones mounted on their dash.

As a result, the driver’s attention is drawn to these screens, which compete for your attention when eyes should be on the road. This means more red light intersection crashes, and rear end collisions, among many others.

As Jim Morrison sang “keep your eyes on the road and hands upon the wheel!!” Look at your navigation before driving to learn the route to know where you are going. Pay attention, and turn of the texting/emails, etc. while driving.

YOU are responsible for your safety just as much as other drivers are. Defensive driving will save lives. This means do NOT assume that because you have the green light other drivers are paying attention or will stop. When you are stopped at a red, and the light turns green, look in all the directions, wait 3-5 seconds, and make sure it is safe to proceed!

Remember when the only driving distraction was the radio or your passenger? Those days are long gone.  Today the competition for your attention is staggering. Even billboards have flashing lights, and computer graphics that draw your attention from the road. The result is a skyrocketing number of crashes, and the crashes are more catastrophic.

Put away the cell phone, turn off the infotainment screen, and watch for drivers who are distracted. We are injury attorneys, but WE DO NOT WANT TO SEE PEOPLE GETTING HURT! It is gut wrenching, and totally avoidable in almost every instance. Every single day the news has a story about a devastating crash that cost lives and could have been avoided. Many times it is speeding, intoxication, distraction, or a combination.

Follow this sound advice, and it could save lives including yours…