Pedestrian Accidents

If you have been injured as a pedestrian, you may be able to obtain financial compensation to cover the medical expenses, financial costs, harms, and losses you have suffered.

Pedestrian injuries and fatalities – in some cases – are part of a systemic problem with systemic causes. For example, traffic engineers may not have allowed for sufficient time for pedestrians to cross, leaving the pedestrian stranded in the way of oncoming traffic. Other times, a pedestrian injury may be as straightforward as an inattentive driver failing to observe and/or yield to pedestrians.

In 2020, according to the NHTSA (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration), the number of pedestrian deaths in the US hit a 28-year high (6,283). That is a 46% increase since 2010!

The visibility of a pedestrian can be very limited, and some drivers are not cautious enough or just simply not mindful enough to check for pedestrians while driving. With the use of smart phones and mobile technology, we have seen distracted driving accidents at an all-time high across the entire country.

Sometimes a pedestrian is injured due to the combination of an inattentive motorist, and other dangerous conditions that put the lives and safety of pedestrians at risk.

Permanent injuries and disfiguration commonly result from pedestrian accidents when combining speed, larger vehicles, and distracted drivers with the lack of protection for the pedestrians. Severe injuries can lead to a life with chronic pain, countless hospital visits, lost income, and piling medical bills. These financial losses are recoverable with the help of our specialized attorneys.

As a pedestrian you should know that you have the right to fight for compensation from the negligent parties who caused your injuries. 

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