Not All Injury Attorneys Are Created Equal

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All injury lawyers are NOT created equal. There are great attorneys, average attorneys, and bad attorneys. You’ve seen the billboard ad by a “personal injury lawyer” bragging about millions of dollars recovered. But there’s a difference between the lawyers who’s business model is getting as many clients as possible only to settle cases cheaply, and the lawyers who are trained and dedicated to getting FULL value for the harm the client suffered no matter what it takes.

Our business model is not to try and get as many cases as possible, only to hand the file off to an inexperienced lawyer, or paralegal staff to settle the case quickly and cheaply. We take the time to “understand the medicine and injury.” We learn the intricate nature of the injuries, the required treatment, and how the injuries affect our clients’ future.

Here are 5 questions to ask when deciding to hire an attorney:

1. Will my case be assigned to a junior attorney or paralegal staff?
2. Will I have my attorney’s cell number?
3. Will my attorney take the time to understand my injuries and how they affect your life?
4. Will my attorney advance all the costs required to hire the best experts available to win my case?
5. Is my attorney committed to preparing the case, and taking my case to trial?

Like other professions there are many attorneys that are great business people who know how to market more than advocating for you. We are 100% dedicated to our clients, not our bottom line.