Should You Go to the Doctor After a Car Crash?

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Even a seemingly minor car crash caused by another person’s negligence can result in a serious injury. Leaving the scene of a car accident should always be accompanied by a trip to the doctor’s if you are feeling any symptoms. Even if you are not in extreme pain, just sore, or don’t have any obviously broken bones, etc. This step is crucial not just for health reasons but also for any subsequent legal actions, if they become necessary.

A medical evaluation by a trusted doctor can uncover injuries that aren’t immediately apparent, ensuring timely treatment and avoiding long-term health issues. Further, you should document your symptoms as soon as they occur, to avoid any argument by an insurance company later that something else caused your injury, or that you weren’t hurt enough to seek medical attention. If you are injured, you can then partner with a compassionate and knowledgeable attorney from Jassim Law and file a personal injury claim for damages against the liable party. Nobody deserves to pay the financial, physical, or emotional price of another driver’s negligence, which is where our team comes in to help. 

Importance of Going to the Doctor After a Car Crash

Visiting a doctor immediately after a car crash is crucial. Some injuries, like concussions, brain hemorrhages, or even internal bleeding, may not show immediate symptoms but can have long-term consequences that are costly and severely impact your ability to live a normal, healthy life – these can even be fatal. A doctor’s examination ensures any hidden injuries are detected and treated early. Moreover, medical records from these visits are vital in legal claims. They provide concrete evidence of the accident’s impact on your health, which is essential for compensation claims. 

Without this documentation, it can be challenging to prove the extent of your injuries and link them directly to the accident. Having detailed medical records is a surefire way to get the compensation you deserve, including any potential future costs for your medical concerns and treatments. 

Why Should You Hire an Attorney After Your Accident? 

Hiring an attorney after a traffic accident is crucial for several reasons. Firstly, an attorney can navigate the often complex legal and insurance processes, ensuring you receive fair compensation for damages and injuries. They are skilled in negotiating with insurance companies, often aiming to minimize payouts. Secondly, an attorney can help accurately assess the full extent of your damages, including medical expenses, lost wages, and pain and suffering. 

Their expertise ensures that all aspects of the accident’s impact are considered, not just immediate costs. Legal representation is especially important in cases with disputed liabilities or severe injuries, where the legal intricacies become more pronounced. 

When hiring an attorney, you should look for one with documented successes and a reputation you can trust, such as Jassim Law. You should ask your attorney if they’ve handled cases like yours before, and what they plan to do to help you. You should find out who will be handling your case, will it be the lead attorney most experienced at the firm, or will you be delegated to a new attorney or paralegal? Does your attorney have knowledge of the medical conditions he/she is required to prove? After all, a personal injury attorney should know about your injuries and how to articulate them to a jury. 

We are known in our community for providing a people-first approach to the world of personal injury and for getting our clients the outcome they deserve after their personal injury accidents. 

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After a car accident, prioritizing your health by visiting a doctor is essential. This step is not only crucial for your well-being but also for any legal claims. Jassim Law, led by highly-qualified and established Attorney Pajman Jassim, understands the importance of thorough medical documentation in supporting your claim. With our extensive experience and client-focused approach to the world of personal injury law and claims, we are ready to guide you through the legal process while you focus on your recovery.

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